Our Story

Sugar Threads is a gourmet boutique, producer of matchless quality, natural and organic freshly spun cotton candy, with a dream of providing you the taste of your priceless childhood in a more healthy and playful style.

We provide ultra-premium hand spun cotton candy using the finest ingredients to provide you with the perfect sweet taste, texture and color.

We have the most extensive menu of more than 15 exciting premium flavors; our hand spun cotton candy will pull out the child in you.

It is our commitment blended with the highest quality ingredients which allows our customers to enjoy cotton candy with absolute best taste and flavors.

By using finest raw materials and state of the art manufacturing procedures we offer you nothing less than perfection. Sugar Threads never compromises with quality. We have always set quality benchmarks that adhere to international standards.

The entrepreneurial vision behind Sugar Threads™ comes from the love we still hold for wonderful old days when everything was as sweet as freshly spun sugar and strong desire to bring a healthy candy alternative with determination to turn the sweetest vision into reality.

Why Sugar Thread’s Quest Began?

ALAS! The most awesome tasting and fun to eat cotton candies, are made from the worst ingredients and due to it the delicious fun treat was beginning to be lost.

Thus we set out to rediscover the techniques and practices of the traditional cotton candy and use them as a foundation but with a commitment blended with the finest quality ingredients available on this planet for giving a new twist on timeless classic – making it all gourmet.

We’re proud to bring to you the best gourmet cotton candy made anywhere. And feel overwhelmed knowing our confections are a source of joy and happiness to everyone who tastes them.

So let your taste buds have the taste of what is real and healthy and ever so sweet!