How many calories does Cotton candy have? Will this make me fat?

With only 90 calories and 0 fat grams and no cholesterol, a standard stick of sugar floss contains less sugar than a can of soda or ice cream. It’s a myth that it is made of tons and tons of sugar.

How should the cotton candy be stored?

Cotton Candy should be stored in a cool, dry place. Moisture reduces the shelf life of the cotton candy. To extend the shelf life even longer, we recommend refrigerating the cotton candy.

I am an adult, who loves to party. Does Sugar Threads have something for me?

Yes, as we say sugar threads is loved by one and all, we have got cotton candy martini, cocktail, lemonade or a sparkling cotton candy recipe & serving suggestions (click here) for you or just simply add flavored puff to your vodka!!

Our floss is specially prepared for you to pair with your vodka shot and you’ll have the time of your life! Do it to believe it!

This super treat will wow your friends and add a touch of whimsy to your next party.